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About Us.

Analog Publishing for the Digital Age.

In the past, printed lifestyle magazines have been a luxury. A trip to the bodega or splurge at the magazine stand. They were hard to find, and you had to be willing to pay for them. Publisher Payment Services changed that.

We're here to cater to people who want to read about all of their favorite things in one place, but don't want to spend their time searching for them. It’s an analog luxury for the digital age!

Our Mission.

When you're ready to take your leisure time to the next level, we're here for you. Convenience + stellar customer support.

Publisher Payment Services, an online marketplace where you can buy the latest on-demand lifestyle magazines. We offer a variety of topics—from yachting guides and health magazines to sports and cars.

Our goal is simple: Create a simple one stop shop with the best prices for magazine enthusiasts world wide.

What Our Customers Say About Us:

Love These!

Long time subscriber via Publisher Payment Services. I’m a magazine addict and have loved all of the great customer support over the years.

Patty & Carl W.

Impressive Service!

The support team at Publisher Payment Services is top-notch! They were very friendly and answered all my questions. The responses were quick too!

Bernice B.

Awesome Reads!

My mom and I love bonding over and reading all sorts of magazines together. We find it much more interactive and cathartic than staring at the television.

Scotty A.


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